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We're talking about how to improve STATE policies here, NOT federal or local policies. 

When Coloradans are engaged in respectful conversation, looking at issues through the shared lens of the state that we all love, we have unending faith in their ability to work together to find the right solutions for our state.



Building a Better Colorado is non-partisan, and so is this online dialogue. 

As with our in-person discussions, Building a Better Colorado takes NO POSITION on the issues which we tee-up for conversation.   Our only goal is to host an honest and respectful conversation among Coloradans who share a love for our state and want to leave it better than we found it.  



We want YOU to participate in this conversation, and we want you to participate constructively.   This isn't a public "bathroom wall" where you can vent your frustrations anonymously.   Accountability is essential to every honest conversation and we require that you register in order to participate and own your comments.   If you aren't comfortable putting your name on what you want to say, then you probably shouldn't say it.   

Forum Rules and Etiquette

  • Stay on the topics of Colorado state policy.   Not federal or local policies.

  • Be respectful of others, even though you’re welcome to strongly disagree with them.   No incivility, personal attacks or hate speech.

  • Be polite.  No foul language; this is a mixed crowd.

  • Be real.   No trolling, novelty accounts, or bots.

  • No solicitation: petitions/volunteer hours/signups.

  • Try to learn from others’ opinions more than you espouse your own.

  • Look for opportunities to agree!

You can view our forum and topics below as a guest, or register to join the Statewide Conversation. Registration is easy, and Building a Better Colorado will never sell or share your information.

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