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Should we repeal the Gallagher Amendment from our state constitution?  

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Reeves Brown
Joined: 8 months ago
Posts: 8
10/06/2020 5:41 pm  

Should we repeal the Gallagher Amendment from our state constitution? 

Coloradans adopted the Gallagher Amendment to our state constitution in 1982 which froze the ratio of the state’s value of Residential property to Non-residential property. Since then, because of the growth in Colorado’s population and the corresponding increase in the value of residential property (relative to non-residential property), Gallagher has formulaically eroded the property tax on houses to now be less than 25% of what it was before Gallagher. While the formulaic erosion of the residential property tax rate has benefited homeowners, it has also reduced funding for local public services and increased the relative tax burden on the business community by almost 300%.

72% of participants in BBCO’s 2019 Colorado Conversation in 37 communities recommended that Coloradans repeal the Gallagher Amendment, and the legislature is now proposing such a ballot measure for voters to consider this fall.



  • Stops erosion of funding for local services and the shift in the property tax burden to business owners.  


  • Stops the continued formulaic decrease in the Residential property tax rate.


What do YOU think?

Martin Wade
Joined: 7 months ago
Posts: 1
22/09/2020 3:36 pm  

The only way that the Gallagher Amendment should be repealed is if there is absolute transparency required as to where the additional money is being used.  It should be required that any money spent be out in the open.

For instance:  If an entity, say school district, wants money earmarked for buildings, then it should be spent on buildings and the exact amount should be put on a "balance sheet" on the front of school district's web page, not on some obscure part of the site where unless you are an IT nerd, you can't see where they spend the money.

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