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China Sterilizer  


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28/01/2021 5:36 am  
Ultrasonic cleaning machine assembly steps
Prepare the ultrasonic transducer (with the one on the right), cylinder block, mesh pad, glue, etc. that need to be bonded.
Sandblasting about ultrasonic parts cleaner:
Stop sandblasting the ultrasonic transducer and cylinder to be bonded. The blasting gap should be as thin as possible. The sand used for sandblasting must be dull and often selected (select in the sandbox each time), the pressure of compressed air during the sandblasting process should be 鈮?KG, and the high-pressure air should be dehumidified by the air source processor.
Stop cleaning the sand-filled cylinder block and ultrasonic transducer. First clean the transducer with methanol to remove dust on the surface, and then rinse with acetone. The cylinder is washed with water and then pickled. Rinse, dry, and then rinse once with methanol and acetone. Clean the mesh pad with a stainless steel mesh with a thickness of 鈮?0 mesh and a thickness of 鈮?.15 (under the conditions for electrolysis).
Dry and preheat:
Put the cleaned ultrasonic transducer, cylinder block and mesh pad into the oven to stop drying. Dry it at 60掳C-80掳C for 2 hours, then cool to 40掳C to stop bonding. After finishing all the glue preparation work, the glue (normal temperature) has been completely tempered and the glue stops quickly.
Put the placed cylinder on the plywood, and then wipe the glued place again with cotton cloth.
Wipe the adhesive surface of the treated ultrasonic transducer with acetone, and then wipe with a cotton cloth.
After mixing with glue, preheat it for 1-2 minutes. (You can't install too much glue every time, the glue is 20 to 30 heads.) The glue configuration is 5G/head, and the ratio is 1:0.4 (the glue should be as accurate as possible).
When the cylinder and ultrasonic transducer cool to about 40掳C, the glue stops flowing. After the glue is connected, the glue will be evenly spread on the cylinder and the ultrasonic transducer. Place both ends on the mesh cloth and press tightly. Bonding speed is required. Fast, do not exceed 10 minutes a day after the glue is configured (a lot of preparation is required).
After the glue is completed, stop the pressure treatment (the spring should be used for tools and soft pressure).
Put the rubberized cylinder in a dust-free oven to stop curing. After curing at 40-50掳C for 30 minutes, heat the temperature to 60-70掳C for 30 minutes, and then heat to 80掳C 3 times. After 2 hours, let it naturally cure for 24 hours and check the connection. Curing and heating are controlled by a programmable temperature controller.
The curing of the cured ultrasonic transducer stops. The impedance of each transducer (60W, 22, 25, 28KHZ) is about 250惟, and cannot exceed 300惟, and the transducer characteristics are stopped. Waveform), the impedance of the ultrasonic transducer on the same cylinder should be as close as possible to the difference, and should not exceed 20% of the uniform value (about 卤50惟), and the ultrasonic transducer can be removed and reinstalled. Bonded.China Sterilizer

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