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Carrying Hard Case  


Joined: 1 month ago
Posts: 10
28/01/2021 5:37 am  
GD1914 Camera protection plastic tool box
鈥?nbsp;IP67 Rated- watertight and dustproof
鈥?nbsp;Pick-and-pull foam insert for impact-absorbing protection
鈥?nbsp;Strong, secure, easy-open latches
鈥?nbsp;Adjustable pressure relief valve equalizes pressure for easy opening
鈥?nbsp;Pre-drilled for two padlocks (locks not included)
鈥?nbsp;Super strong reinforced polypropylene construction
External Dimension270*246*174 mm
Interior Dimensions237*180*158mm
Lid Depth30 mm
Bottom Depth128mm
MaterialPP plastic same as Pelican style
Lock holeTwo
Lining FoamLid with wave foam, Bottom with pre-cut foam; Custom EVA
ColorBlack or customized color
LogoAdhesive stickers or Screen printing

Protect cameras, microphones, handguns and other specialized equipment with this exceptionally rugged GDT庐 weatherproof storage case. Constructed from extremely durable polypropylene, this professional quality hard case takes a beating while protecting the contents from impact, moisture and microscopic dust. The built-in purge valve equalizes pressure so you can open the case after changing elevations.
Product Customized
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