Our Process

BBCO’s process is all about engaging Coloradans in a fact-based non-partisan conversation and empowering them to seek consensus policy ideas through constructive dialogue.   We believe the best policy solutions for Colorado will be found by engaging the diverse audiences across our great state in an honest conversation about what we want our state to be.

Just the Facts, Ma’am

BBCO does not advocate for any specific policy ideas or outcomes. BBCO convenes politically-balanced panels of subject-matter experts to explain the facts about each policy issue which we’re exploring, and identify potential options for improving those policies, including an explanation of the potential “Pros” and “Cons” associated with each option.   

You can participate in BBCO’s non-partisan conversation both online and in community meetings across the state.

Join the Conversation Online!

Throughout 2018, BBCO will post information online about current state policy challenges and invite you to share your opinion on both the relative importance of the challenges and the merits of potential solutions to the challenges. We’ll also host live videocasts to give you the opportunity to learn more about the issues and ask questions of subject- matter experts on these topics.
BBCO will use the input that we gather through our online conversation to clarify the issues and potential policy options which we’ll tee up for further discussion in our community meetings in 2019.

Attend a Community Meeting!

In 2019, BBCO will host 37 community meetings across the state to engage diverse groups of community members in a constructive discussion about potential options to address the state’s policy challenges, and to seek consensus to that end.
BBCO works with local community leaders to build a guest list for each community that represents the unique demographic of each community, and not just the loudest voices who may represent a more narrow political ideology or organizational agenda. You can sign up here if you’d like to be considered to be invited to participate in the BBCO meeting in your community!

You're in Charge of Charting Colorado’s Future

By giving control of the outcome to those whom we engage in our statewide conversation, BBCO puts YOU in the driver’s seat for charting the pathway forward for Colorado.

We CAN build a better Colorado. We hope you’ll join us in the conversation!