Building a Better Colorado

We are engaging citizens to create a path to a better Colorado.

Building a Better Colorado” (BBCO) is a non-partisan non-profit effort formed in 2015 by a group of Colorado civic leaders with the shared belief that Colorado can be better, and that the pathway to a better Colorado rests in engaging Coloradans from across the state in an honest conversation about how we can improve public policies for our state and, in so doing, create a brighter future for us all.

BBCO does not advocate for any specific solutions to those challenges. Rather, BBCO engages citizens in a constructive conversation through community meetings and online to understand the facts about our policy choices, and seek consensus ideas for improving our state.

Watch our latest Webinar: "Understanding Gallagher Amendment"

New Issue: Understanding the Gallagher Amendment.

The Gallagher Amendment is one of the least understood amendments to our constitution, but has one of the most significant impacts on our fiscal policy. We can help you make sense of it!

If you’d like to participate in BBCO’s conversation in your community, please tell us who you are!

All information which you share about yourself will be kept strictly confidential. BBCO won’t share your information with the hosts of your community’s meeting (or anyone else, for that matter) without your explicit permission.

Watch the video to see why we set out to
Build a Better Colorado:

Previous Town Hall Participants

  • This was a great opportunity for me ... to hear the issues in a way that made a lot more sense and to be educated about them and say what my thoughts were on a common sense solution and then build a consensus around that. So this is truly a grassroots citizen-led effort.
    Cristina Oxley
    Craig, CO
  • I love that it's being worked on so carefully to maintain it's non-partisan aspect and that there's a broad spectrum of support on both sides.
    John Clark
    Ridgway, CO
  • We heard a lot of diverse opinions and by and large 100% of the people said we need to do something - and we didn't all agree on what it was, but we need to do something because we are not in a good place.
    Jan Tanner
    Colorado Springs, CO

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