Building a Better Colorado will be looking at several state policy challenges over the next several months.

Fiscal Policy:
How the state manages its money!

How have the fiscal formulas which we’ve embedded into our constitution over the last 35 years affected the state’s ability to meet the expectations of our citizens?

What’s the right balance between empowering our elected representatives to govern effectively, and ensuring accountability to and appropriate oversight by the citizens?

Fiscal Priorities:
Where the state spends its money

How can we better align what citizens want from their state government and how much they’re willing to invest to that end?

How has the state’s investment in major service areas like P-12 Education, Higher Education, and Transportation Infrastructure changed over time, and how has this affected the level of service to citizens?

We’re working on the issues important to you – Here’s a preview of some of the information you can expect in 2018!


  • How does the state budget work?
  • What’s the TABOR Amendment?
  • What’s the Gallagher Amendment?
  • What’s Amendment 23?
  • What’s the Hospital Provider Fee?


  • P-12 Education
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Higher Education

We want YOUR opinion!

Over the coming weeks and months, BBCO will post information online about these state policy challenges and invite you to share your opinion on the relative importance of these challenges, potential solutions to these challenges, and other issues into which you think we should be looking. We’ll also host live videocasts to give you the opportunity to learn more about the issues and ask questions of subject- matter experts on these topics. BBCO will use the input that we gather through our online conversation to clarify the issues and potential policy options which we’ll tee up for further discussion in our community meetings in 2019.

Please sign up to join the conversation and we’ll notify you as we post information on which we’d like your input.